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We are very excited to launch our new training course in Iceland together with Hekluhestar.

4 days full of learning and enjoying the Icelandic nature. This course will be very exclusive with small groups of four people.

You will sleep in the beautiful farm cottages at the Hekluhestar farm where we will enjoy trails on the foot of volcano Hekla. The private lessons take place in the riding hall at Kjarr and will be tailored to every riders wishes.


9th to 12th of September

20th to 24th of September


2300 euro if 4 pax share one farm cottage

2550 euro if 2 pax share one farm cottage

Included in the price:

  • Three private lessons and one clinic at Kjarr horse farm.
  • 2 hour riding tour.
  • 5 hour riding tour.
  • All meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Made up bed accommodation in a private farm cottage.
  • Driving excursion (f.e.; Gullfoss and Geysir).
  • All horse tack, helmets and rain gear.
  • Entrance in the Secret lagoon.
  • Pick up in Reykjavik and driving back there at the end.

Group size for the clinic is 4 persons. 

Riders need to be safe in the saddle in all gaits. This training course in Iceland is designed for riders who want to improve their riding skills with the help of a Hólar educated riding teacher and well educated school masters and enjoy the Icelandic nature on horseback.


1st day:

Pick up in Reykjavík around 9 o‘clock. Drive to Kjarr horse farm, stable visit and talk about upcoming adventures. Lunch in the stable. After lunch Larissa will have a clinic in the riding hall about the healthy training of a riding horse. She will talk about important basics of biomechanics and how we can help our horse to build up the right muscles to carry the rider correctly. We will set goals for the riding lessons the next days and get to know the horses.
After the clinic we drive from Selfoss to Gullfoss and Geysir, ending the sight seeing at the Secret lagoon soaking there before heading to the Hekluhestar farm for traditional Icelandic dinner.
Accommodation at the farm cottage.

2nd day:

After breakfast we go and meet up with the horses at the farm. We prepare the horses to go for a 2 hour riding tour out in nature, around the country side, next to the river Rangá. We leave the horses at a neighbour farm and drive back to Hekluhestar farm for a traditional lunch at the farm. After lunch we drive to Kjarr horses stable. There everyone will have a private riding lesson with Larissa on a horse that we picked according to each riders goals. Every lesson will be individually planned after your wishes. The ones not riding are welcome to watch the lessons and ask questions so that we can create a positive and diverse learning experience.
Dinner at a restaurant in Selfoss.
Night at the farm cottage at Hekluhestar farm.

3rd day:

Breakfast at the farm, making lunch from the breakfast buffet. Going to the horses and prepare them for a 4 hour ride in nature, riding next to the river Rangá with a view over the volcano Hekla, stopping at the traditional réttir, Réttarnes for lunch and continuing through an old lava flow to a neighbour farm where we say goodbye to our horses. Going back to the farm for some refreshments. Option to drive to the local swimming pool with two hot pots and swimming pool. Traditional dinner at the farm.

4th day:

Breakfast at the farm. Drive to Kjarr where we will have a riding lesson each before lunch. We eat lunch together in the stable and can discuss questions that may have come up from the ones watching during the lessons. After lunch we have another private lesson each. Every rider decides together with Larissa what they want to focus and work on.

Driving back to Reykjavík. Estimating arriving there around 16 o‘clock.

Book your spot for the training course in Iceland now here

We are looking forward to ride with you!

Larissa Silja teacher riding course in Iceland
Larissa, a Hólar educated riding teacher and professional horse trainer at Kjarr horse farm.
Anita owner of hekluhestar
Aníta, the owner of Hekluhestar.

Farm cottage hekluhestar farm
The Hekluhestar farm cottage.
Kjarr farm where the riding course in Iceland takes place
Kjarr farm
Crossing Rivers at Hekluhestar farm
Crossing the Rangá river that is next to the Hekluhestar farm.
Riding hall in Kjarr
Riding hall at Kjarr farm.

Update on our sale horses

Eftir Fréttir

Finally we got the change to update our sales horses. Some new young and promising geldings found their way on our page. Here you can check them out!

If you are searching for a special horse that you can’t find on our page don’t hesitate to send us a message – we may be able to offer you some more horses that are not listed yet.

Give knowledge for Christmas🎄

Eftir Fréttir
Riding lessons in Iceland – the perfect gift for every Icelandic horse lover!
Here in Kjarr, we offer riding lessons on our own-bred and well trained horses. Learn from them & from our Hólar-educated riding teachers, how to bring lightness in your training.
Experience the joy of riding a horse that is light on the aids and has a good education. This will help you to have a better and more understanding communication with your horse at home.
We focus on personalised instruction tailored to each riders individual needs.
The farm is located in south Iceland, just 45 minutes from Reykjavik. We can teach in the languages German, English & Icelandic.
Contact us easily with our contact form.
Jona frá Kjarri

Jóna frá Kjarri is now a honour prize mare

Eftir Fréttir
We are very proud and happy that our mare Jóna frá Kjarri received the honour prize for offsprings.
She has five ridden daughters so far, all of them were shown in breeding assessment. Three of them are judged first prize:
  • Kilja frá Kjarri (8.32), F: Kiljan frá Steinnesi
  • Sæla frá Kjarri (8.15), F: Arion frá Eystra-Froðholti
  • Snæja frá Kjarri (8.05), F: Hrókur frá Efsta-Dal
Jóna herself is a sister of Stáli out of the mare Jónína frá Hala and sired by Gustur frá Hóli. She was judged with 8.08 in her Fizo including 9 for spirit and slow Tölt.


Breeding shows 2022

Eftir Fréttir
This week the last breeding show took place here in Iceland and it’s fun to sum up how the horses from Kjarr have been doing this year.
We are very happy with them doing such an amazing job on the track and look forward to the future of all those talents.
The highlight of the year was Landsmót 2022 where our stallion Sprengur frá Kjarri received 8.27 and placed 7th in the class of five year old stallions.
Now everyone will have a nice fall vacation until the training for the next season starts again. We are already excited to start up the youngsters who will start their career as riding horses this year!

Some of those horses are for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are searching for your future breeding or competition horse.

Sprengur frá Kjarri

Received 8.5 for tölt, trot, gallop, rideability, general impression & walk on Landsmót and placed 7th in the class of five year old stallions.

M: Sprengja frá Kjarri (8.20)
F: Páfi frá Kjarri (8.39)

Synd frá Kjarri

Received 9 for pace and 8.5 for general impression & rideability. She received 8.31 and a total score of 8.19.

M: Sprengja frá Kjarri (8.20)
F: Stáli frá Kjarri (8.76)

Svana frá Kjarri

Received a total score of 8.02 including 9 for back & croup and 8.5 for neck, proportions & pace.

M. Nunna frá Bræðratungu (8.02)
F: Spói frá Kjarri (8.30)

Blökk frá Kjarri

This five year old mare received a total score of 8.01 including 8.5 for neck, tölt, trot and rideability.

M: Auðna frá Kjarri (8.12)
F: Stáli frá Kjarri (8.76)

Fimma frá Kjarri

Received a total score of 7.89 as a five year old. 9 for back & croup and 8.5 for head and proportions.

M: Hagsæld frá Kjarri (8.16)
F: Stáli frá Kjarri (8.76)

Fjarki frá Kjarri

Received a total score of 7.82, including 8.5 for legs & walk and 8 for tölt, trot & rideability.

M: Hagsæld frá Kjarri (8.16)
F: Stáli frá Kjarri (8.76)

Silla frá Kjarri

Just five years old Silla received a total score of 7.77 including pace, rideability, head and mane & tail. She is the 5th offspring of Jóna frá Kjarri which are all shown in breeding show with good results.
M: Jóna frá Kjarri (8.08)
F: Ómur frá Kvistum (8.61)

open house in kjarr

Landsmót hestamanna is about to start!

Eftir Fréttir

On the 3rd of July Landsmót hestamanna will start. We are looking forward to a week long celebration of Icelands best horses!
Afterwards, on Sunday 10th of July we would like to invite you to our open house in our stable. This is where you can meet Team Kjarr, our horses and see our facilities.
We have many exciting sale horses at the moment who you have the chance to get to know there!

You can’t come to Iceland but are still searching for your dream horse?
If so, write us a line and we will let you know if one of the horses from our breeding could be a match.

We are looking forward to see you at Landsmót hestamanna!

Icelandic stallion sprengur frá Kjarri

The Icon of Iceland – photographing the Icelandic horse

Eftir Fréttir

It was fun to work together with Donal Boyd on his film about photographing the Icelandic horse. He took portraits of some of our horses in the riding hall trying out different light and positions. Later Donal also photographed them in motion moving freely on the field and running together on the riding track. If you want to learn more about horse photography and want to see Fjarki, Fimma, Stúfur, Sprengur and the herd in motion you can watch the full movie here.


Eftir Fréttir

Viltu auka kjark og þor á baki? Við bjóðum upp á einkatíma til þess að auka vellíðan og jafnvægi á hestbaki. Kennsluhestur er til staðar sem er vel þjálfuður og rólegur. Hægt er að fá einkatíma á honum í reiðhöllinni á Kjarri eða úti á fallegum reiðvegum. Einnig bjóðum við upp á sætisæfingar í hringtaum til þess að bæta ásetu knapans og öryggi hans. Okkar markmið í kennslu er að hjálpa hverjum knapa að bæta sína reiðmennnsku á sínum forsendum. Kennarar eru Eggert Helgason og Larissa Silja Werner, reiðkennarar frá Háskólanum á Hólum. Frekari upplýsingar og tímapantanir fást í gegnum einkaskilaboð eða í síma 8601314 (Eggert)